"In my travels, I've had the incredible experience of meeting winemakers and tasting wines from around the world. One of my favorite winemakers is Howard Bursen. I've always been impressed with his knowledge and skill. I always look forward to our next meeting to see and taste what he's up to."

Phil Burton  | Barrel Builders, Napa Valley

"I'm really thankful we found Howard Bursen, because he not only helped us get our start, but he helped us through everything. And I don't think we would have made it without him, with his breadth of knowledge, and wisdom, and experience."

Steve Sawyer  | Preston Ridge Vineyard

Sharpe Hill Vineyard is probably the most critically acclaimed, and famous, vineyard in the Northeast, with a host of awards having been won by vintages made by their winemaker, Howard Bursen.

Cody Burkett  | Make America Grape Again (podcast)

"I cannot lie, I have been a fan of this winery since the early 90s. Sharpe Hill Vineyard has received over 500 medals in International tastings…The winemaker is industry veteran Howard Bursen. Howard has been making great wines for more than 25 years and should be seen as not only one of the elder statesmen of east coast winemaking but one of the most accomplished. We can't say enough nice things about Howard's accomplishments and his contributions to that establishment over the last 25 years. Congrats to Sharpe Hill and Howard!"

Carlo DeVito  | East Coast Wineries

"You, with your brilliant mind, planted these with me, put it together, and we wind up having, in my opinion, the most successful winery in the state, and I thank you for that."

Harry James  | Co-Owner, Crystal Ridge Winery

"We can't say enough nice things about Howard's accomplishments and his contributions to that establishment over the last 25 years. Congrats to Sharpe Hill and to Howard!"

East Coast Wineries Blog  | 

"Beautiful! Looks like a Napa Valley vineyard to me"

Larry Rogers  | Renowned grape grower in Lake County, CA

"During your consulting period, we were impressed not only with your comprehensive knowledge of winemaking and winery management, but with your ability to instruct and guide. This winery’s success has been in large part thanks to your ability as a consultant and teacher."

Captain Richard Alexander, USN (ret.)  | Founder, Vinland Wine Cellars

"We want to thank you for your many contributions to LaBelle Winery’s success! Most of all, throughout the design process, filled with lots of hands in our pockets, your voice was one we could trust. Cesar and I know that you have our best interest at heart and we always felt protected by your watchful eye on detail."

Amy LaBelle  | Founder, LaBelle Winery

"You have always been one of my favorites. A true pioneer and a man with a great
heart and mind. We need visionary thinkers like you!"

Mark Chien  | Vineyard Specialist, Oregon Agricultural Extension Service

"Congratulations to Sharpe Hill for their success with the 2007 Chardonnay. It was the unanimous winner of this year's Final Four taste-off."

Robert Taylor  | Wine Spectator Magazine

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Phil Burton, Founder, Barrel Builders, Napa Valley, CA

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Harry James, Co-owner, Crystal Ridge Winery

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Steve Sawyer, Preston Ridge Vineyard

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