Your dream winery without the costly mistakes

Your WineryPlan custom design will:

  • Keep building costs low, and get the most for your money
  • Maintain product quality and keep energy costs low
  • Avoid unnecessary conflict with state and federal agencies in areas such as tax compliance, waste disposal, and environmental impact
  • Get the benefits of efficient visitor traffic flow and tour planning

Winery Design

Many wineries are built without good planning. The result: costly mistakes and wasted time and money. 

Our job is to make sure you get what you paid for:  a winery that is not only beautiful, but economical and efficient.

Equipment Recommendation

Don’t waste money on expensive "white elephants". We'll make sure you get the right winery equipment for the right price.

Winery Expansion

If you've outgrown your existing winery building, we can help you plan the expansion. Get the most for your money, with minimum disruption to your operation.

Winery Acquisition

Looking to buy an existing winery? We’ll give you an independent evaluation of the business and its prospects: buildings and equipment, key personnel, vineyards, and existing inventory. We'll make sure you go in with your eyes open.


WineryPlan has produced several million bottles of premium wine. Get the benefit of our 30 years of experience.

  • Startup: We'll show you and your staff how to produce outstanding award-winning wine. Your first vintages can make or break your reputation. We'll make sure your first vintages come out right.
  • Troubleshooting: Our decades of experience is at your service, to solve production problems or quality issues. Are your wines not tasting right? Are your fermentations not finishing? We will find the source of the problem, and show you how to fix it. 
Learn the secrets to producing world class wine

Vineyard consulting services from planting through harvest
  • We know what it takes to make an award-winning vineyard because we've been doing it for 30 years.
  • Vineyard Management: We'll show you how to manage the vineyard - what works and what doesn't. From planting to harvesting a mature vineyard, WineryPlan has done it all.

Vineyard Services

Site Selection

Is the site a good one, or will it be trouble from the start? Two vineyard sites can have very different soils, and very different weather patterns, even if they are right next door to each other. We'll evaluate the site. If there are issues, we'll make recommendations on how to fix the problems.

Vineyard Acquisition

Looking to buy an existing vineyard? Let us give it an in-depth inspection. We'll identify potential problems, and alert you to them - before you buy.

Equipment Recommendation

Some vineyard equipment may look impressive, but is impractical, and a waste of money. Avoid costly mistakes. We'll recommend equipment that will get the job done, without wasting time or money.

Speaking Engagements

  • WineryPlan's Principal, Howard Bursen, has been asked to speak to many different audiences. He is available for public presentations on a wide variety of wine-related topics.
Howard Bursen
 Let's talk wine! 

Let's Get Started!

WineryPlan can help you set up, streamline, or expand your winery and vineyard operations. Let us give you the benefit of our 30 years’ experience in the wine industry.