Howard Bursen Consulting

What we can do for you

Winery Design & Establishment Many wineries have been built without sufficient planning, resulting in costly mistakes. We know what goes on in a bottling room or a fermentation cellar. Our designs show you exactly what you will need - right down to the placement and voltage of each electrical outlet.

Minimize costs, and maximize efficiency of production.
Avoid unnecessary conflict with State and Federal agencies in areas such as tax compliance, waste disposal, and environmental impact.
Maintain product quality while keeping storage costs to a minimum.

Reap the benefits of efficient visitor traffic flow and tour planning.

Winery & Vineyard Acquisition What is an existing winery worth? We’ll give you an independent evaluation of the business and its prospects - buildings & equipment, key personnel. vineyards, existing inventory, etc.

Equipment Recommendation & Purchase
Don’t waste money on expensive white elephants. We can get you the right equipment for the right price.

Troubleshooting Winemaking A quarter century of award-winning winemaking experience is at your service, to solve production problems or quality issues.

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