Some Personal References, U.S. Wine Industry:
(contact information is available on request)

Professor Bruce Reisch, Cornell University’s N.Y. State Agricultural Experiment Station

William Moffett & Hope Merletti, Publishers, Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine

Douglas and Marlene Moorhead, Owners, Presque Isle Wine Cellars

Dr. Joseph Fiola, Rutgers University and Western Maryland Agricultural Research Center

Partial Client List: (contact information is available on request)

Kipton C. Kumler, Owner, Turtle Creek Winery

Dana Theis, Owner, Black Wolf Vineyards

Kathy Gregrow and Judy Wimer, Owners, South Hollow Vineyards

Captain Richard Alexander, Former Owner, Vinland Wine Cellars

Nick Smith, Owner, Stonington Vineyards

Industry Honors:

Chairman, New England Wine Council 1984-5

Guest Speaker, Wineries Unlimited Conference
(1985, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000)

Guest Speaker, Univ. of Minnesota Viticulture Conference 2003

Guest Speaker, Univ. of Ct. Vineyard and Winery Conference 1986

Guest Speaker, American Wine Society National Convention 2000

Biotechnology Funding Approval by National Science Foundation, for research in grapevine grafting in vitro, 1991-2

Winner of over 150 winemaking awards. 1982-2003


“New Developments in Alsace”, article in Wines and Vines (Feb. ‘98)

“Swiss Wine Research”, article in Vineyard and Winery Management (June ‘98)

"The Grapes of New England", chapter, in Wines of New England,
Whetstone Publishing (1990)

“Malolactic Fermentation”, article in Vineyard and Winery Management (1997)

"Starting a New Winery", article in Vineyard and Winery Management, (1996)

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