Hamlet Hill Winery Hamlet Hill Winery was designed in 1980-81 and built in 1981. The building features a circular design, and is set into a hillside. Taking advantage of this siting, all wine production is on the lower level, while all tour and tasting activities take place on the upper level.

Because of its “earth-solar” construction, the main production space needs no artificial heating or cooling. In addition to the design and construction supervision, Howard Bursen Consulting also took charge of the Federal and State licensing process, and procured all winemaking equipment. As consulting winemaker at Hamlet Hill, we produced wines which received over 60 awards for excellence in national and international competitions. For example, Hamlet Hill’s Riesling wine took first prize at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. Hamlet Hill’s vineyards were also planted and managed by Howard Bursen Consulting.

Original plans called for a production capacity of 20,000 gallons. In subsequent years an addition, also designed by Howard Bursen Consulting, allowed a doubling of production.

Design Challenge How to provide excellent visitor access without high costs.

Solution Without sacrificing expensive production space, an upper level tour path provided full visitor access and no disruption of winemaking operations. Construction cost savings: $90,000.

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