Case Studies

Sharpe Hill Winery Howard Bursen Consulting was hired in 1995 to design a 30,000 gallon state-of-the-art winery, oversee construction, obtain Federal and State licenses, equip the winery, and make the new wines. By 2001, Sharpe Hill’s sales had grown to the maximum planned 30,000 gallons. In 2002, we were hired to design an addition, doubling Sharpe Hill’s capacity.
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Hamlet Hill Winery With a 40,000 gallon capacity, this design features a number of innovations. The winery is set into a hillside, and the design takes advantage of this both for temperature control and for tour access.
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Breede River Vineyard and Winery Breede River Valley, South Africa. Preliminary design and budget for 100,000 gallon winery and 140 acre vineyard.

Bluewater Winery Preliminary design for a 20,000 gallon winery adapted to an existing barn in northwestern Michigan.

Shandong Province Winery Design for a 100,000 gallon winery, export research, new product development for this fruit processing region of China.

Black Wolf Vineyards Design for a 50,000 gallon underground winery in North Carolina.

South Hollow Vineyards Design and setup for a boutique winery to complement an existing hostelry in a charming Cape Cod setting

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